About Contour Optik

Contour Optik
Expert in the design
manufacture and marketing of:
electronic eyewear
optical frames
reading glasses
3D glasses

Company Profile


Contour Optik was founded in 1978 by the Chao family. George Chao has an extensive background in producing optical lenses and was the forerunner of manufacturing reading glasses in Taiwan.

From the 80s to the 90s, Contour Optik expanded its production lines from reading glasses, sunglasses to high-end optical frames. We specialize in developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing of all types of glasses. Contour is renowned in the optical industry for its innovations.

Contour Optik invented magnetic clipons in 1994, was one of the most important inventions in the eyewear industry. We have more than 40 USA patents and over 120 international patents. We are devoted to providing innovative products to our partners in this exciting and growing eyewear industry.

In addition to our Taiwan and Dongguan (China) production facilities, in 2003, Contour Optik invested heavily into our inland China Eyewear Park. With approximately 25 acres of land, this site has flourished into a state of art production facility. By meeting the challenges of ever-increasing costs of labor, raw material and utilities, our new inland factory is your solution for competitive production needs.

With our depth of experience, cutting edge patented innovations, and state of the art facilities, Contour Optik is your best partner for cooperation in eyewear manufacture industry.


  1. 2017-Present World class manufacturing, designing and producing grade A brands
  2. 2015 Investment into automated machinery, reduction of workforce
  3. 2013 TPC (Toyota Product Control) quality system implemented
  4. 2012 Injection facility established
  5. 2010 Optical factory expansion, Contour 3D established
  6. 2006 Partnerships top and mid-level optical distributors
  7. 2005 Contour Jiangxi Optical Factory completed
  8. 2003 Entered China Jiangxi Glasses Industrial Park
  9. 2003 SA8000 Social Responsibility International Certification
  10. 2001 ISO9001-2000 international quality certification
  11. 1994 Invention magnet clipons.
  12. 1985 From reading glasses and sunglasses to high-end optical frames.
  13. 1978 Contour Optik founded.